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Multiformat ingestion.
Share footage over the network.
Restore audio video quality.

Ingestion is the entrance of video contributions into the workflow. It is the phase in which footage is converted from analogue to digital, ready for archiving or editing.

WonderCube® Ingestion is a video ingestion system that can meet the demands of any national or local company needing to digitalize its audio visual contents (television broadcasts, production studios, film libraries, etc.). It is an easy to use expandable, modular software system.

Each work station can hold an ingestion workstation, one to manage the database, video sources (Beta readers/recorders, Digital-S, BVU, DV, DVD...), as well as all the tools necessary to control and adjust audio and video quality.

The System is fully compatible with all major SD formats (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MXF, Windows Media Video, Real Media, Quick Time, DivX, Xvid, DV25) and HD.


Ingestion software.

The ingestion software makes it possible to convert archived tape footage, or footage connected from any other source, into digital format. The software brings together all tools to control and restore all the audio/video quality of the original footage.
Ingestion can be handled in two ways:
a) manual ingestion, where an operator can check progress in real time;
b) automatic ingestion, timing both the start and end of a recording, or providing an ingestion list to be carried out independently, stating start and end times and source for each item.

Association software.

The association software makes it possible to identify all files contained within the archives. A form is associated with the file. The form contains all the information relating to the associated file, such as: title, duration, target, expiry date, broadcasting rights expiry date...

Once association is performed, the file can be viewed on the network, and is available from any PC of the WonderCube® Platform, ready for consultation, editing or broadcasting.

Marking software.

Marking software is needed to be able to select one or more parts of a film clip, with frame to frame accuracy.

This software makes it possible to mark out the start and end of a piece of footage, and to select specific ‘insertion points’ within. Where dealing with television broadcasting, these insertion points shall be used to insert advertising or breaking news into the footage.

The marking function also allows you to insert 2D and 3D logos into the program, together with labels (red, yellow and green) to indicate the target audience, a title and program logo, and digital clock.

The marking function can also be used during storage, when combined with the database. The “marked” parts of the footage can be associated with various meta data, and inserted into the archives.

Storage database.

MW-N has developed all databases necessary to manage acquired files. The customizable configuration and meta data organization makes it easy to consult the archives, and use the files/footage acquired immediately. The advanced cryptography system allows simultaneous access by more than one user over the network.

Cutting software.

Cutting software allows you to cut a part of the video out of the whole film clip. The software edits in real time with a frame to frame accuracy, and the new file thus generated is instantly ready for use.
Cutting allows you to save just the part of the film clip that you are interested in, or to divide up large video clips, so as to simply management.

Transfer software.

This software allows you to move a file from one network-connected work station to another.
Each file copied is checked by the system to avoid errors during data transfer.
The software views the list of valid files that may be transferred from the source folder chosen towards a different destination folder.

Player software.

The player software is a multimedia reader fully compatible with all film clips conforming to MPEG-2 and DV standards, and has been specially optimized to reproduce clips acquired through the platform.

Player allows you to transform a workstation video into a new reproduction source that can be used by any connected destination. For example, you can send a signal to a professional preview monitor, to check video quality. It allows to you copy any footage from any network folder, adding a control of audio copy levels, and showing you the time passed and the time remaining until the end of the clip.